• Louise Farnay

I sense a creative Summer!

My European September holiday is nearing so I’m facilitating my last

workshop before I leave in Dunsborough on Saturday 24 th August, 9:30am -

12:30pm, so if you’re in the creative mood to then also to able to hang your

own self-created painting, this is the workshop for you. If you would like to

come along with a friend, I’m offering 10% off the normal $155 workshop

each, which includes all oily art materials and canvasses. Numbers are very

limited so I can do my best to guide you closely to create your best work.

If there are any technique you particularly fancy learning, please let me know.

I’m working on a Bali, and Singapore, Art Therapy and Art Retreat for later this

year. More info and dates are on the way.

I’m exhibiting again at Gallows Gallery (Mosman Park, Perth) in February

2020 so look out for dates. Please send me your email address if you would

like an invitation. Fresh ideas, fresh creativity!

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