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Exhibition 'Aphrodite' at Gallows Gallery, Perth

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Less than one week to go and my fourth exhibition as part of the Summer Programme as Gallows Gallery kicks off. Gallows Gallery is at 53 Gylde street, Mosman Park, Perth. I’ve named this exhibition, Aphrodite. It opens from Monday 18th January 2021 and runs until Wednesday 27th. On Tuesday I am having my opening reception.


And this is my largest hyper-realism ever!

What a gruelling experience this has been! Painting this monster oil painting at 2m x 180cm, it is presently not titled as I am on the last stage of painting the top left corner. It required, patience, dedication, and motivation, whilst it seemed intensely never-ending! I am happy to announce that it will be ready for exhibiting at Gallows Gallery next week!


I’m so excited to announce that during my exhibition at Gallows Gallery, in the afternoon of Saturday 23rd January, I will be launching my ART Book which documents pictorially my creative career from art school days all the way to what’s going on with my art these days, and that’s quite some globe-trotting journey, on all walks of life, across many continents. There’s lots of photos and stories of my art, my life, inspirations and my achievements.

On the same Saturday, I am launching my first ever Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle depicting two of my paintings, 1) Beach Bums, and 2) Beach Daze. Mr Bob’s Puzzles approached me. Why would I say no to this proposal! You can also purchase off their site directly.

Well, that’s it for now folks, back to my studio for all the prep for my exhibition.

Hope to see you there!

Louise x

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