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About Me 

I’ve been nomadic since I was three years old when we as a family of fours kids began to move homes and interstate in Australia often, and I attended multitudes of schools, due to my Father’s job transfers.  We finally settled back in Perth the second time when I was 8yo.  My Mum was incredibly creative and I would say I inherited my creativity from her side of the family.  She nurtured and encouraged me to explore my creativity.  My Mum and her Mother were haute couture fashion designers to the celebrities and socialites in Adelaide, where I was also originally born.  I come from a long linear heritage of creativity dating back to the 19C in the west of the UK where my ancestors were jewelers to the Crown. 


My Father immigrated to Australia after WWII.  He was Italian/Maltese and was born and raised a British subject in Alexandria, Egypt, attending the British Boy's School.  He arrived in Australia with a strict disciplinarian doctrine from being in the RAF, along with family tragedies, married my  Mum and became a Father to us four kids, me being middle child, and middle girl.  Knowing intuitively I was different from a young age, my creativity also revealed itself pretty much immediately at my first primary school where I was badly behaved.  I naturally wanted to excel in all I did, but due to his discipline, and that of the private girl’s school I was sent to, I found myself rebelling in absolutely everything I did.  I took to burying myself in the solace that either art and creativity gave me or sport most of the time.   


After suspension, then expulsion from the private girl's school at sixteen years old which I had planned, and felt happy I succeeded in this, I drew and painted the entire summer to get admitted to art school, where thankfully I did.  Out of 800 applicants, 60 were chosen, and I was one of them.  l studied Graphic Design and felt finally I'd found my place in life.   


After a stint in advertising at McCann Erickson I left Perth Australia at 22yo and lived and traveled all over the world for nearly 30 years, picking up three more visual art degrees on the way.  I have never married, preferring my freedom.  I used to exhibit extensively overseas, however after a long hiatus from painting I have recently returned to Perth finding my love of oil painting again, and growing up by the ocean in City Beach as a child, I have returned to realise my love of water and the ocean has actually probably always been my greatest inspiration, also my escape.  Endless summers were spent underwater swimming in the pristine turquoise blue and emerald green Western Australian coastline of the Indian Ocean.  So I now invite you to dive into the deep abyss and lose yourself, immersing your senses in the mesmerizing hues of my reef-like abstract painting interpretations.  Currents,  tides, reef walls and the changing colours of the ocean inspire me.  I try to encapsulate a beautifully peaceful serenity that will delve into your inner peace, your inner psyche, which will in turn provide you with a deeper connection to the ocean and yourself.

In keeping with the beach theme, and being an avid beach goer myself, and in contrast to my abstract ocean-scapes, my quirky, yet playfully feminine abstract beach girls are composed in an awkward and ungainly way of figurative composition, and may even stir up emotions of human frailty and vulnerability.  At the same time they represent typical Australian beach culture.  


In the last year I have started challenging myself further with oil, and painting in a hyper-realistic style, by painting feminine figures underwater, and the light reflections that play across the body surfaces, experimenting with underwater reflection, refraction, illusion and distortion.  They represent freedom, escape, growth and to surrender oneself to what will be, will be.  


I have been exhibiting and selling my award-winning paintings to corporations such as Barclays Bank and to private collectors all over the world for over twenty years.  I have received numerous awards for my paintings while residing in Tokyo and have held numerous solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney and Perth.  My paintings are living with collectors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denver, Colorado, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Min, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, Dubai, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Stockholm, Diepenveen.        


I hold four art degrees, including Graphic Design, Fine Art, Makeup and Special Effects, and have recently qualified as a Transpersonal Art Therapist.  I also studied Drawing Masterclass at Slade School in London, and practiced sumi-e (traditional Japanese calligraphy) with a famous sensei in Tokyo.  I am also a professional body painter and face painter.