Art Therapy

        Seek refuge within your breathe

      acknowledge the steady beating of your heart

    feel it knocking on the door to your chest

   and know that you are always home

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I am a Transpersonal Art Therapist and I have gained my reputation for my soft, gentle, empathic nature, while expressing warm, unconditional positive regard towards my clients.  Client care is the utmost of importance to me and I am there for you every step of the way of your healing journey. In my sessions I create a peaceful environment to ensure you feel relaxed which will allow you to visually express any concerns, worries or issues you have, through your art.

Transpersonal Art Therapy goes deep into what is termed ‘privileging the unconscious’ which draws upon the collective unconsciousness, an area within the psyche that is not used daily on a conscious level, and can provide you with new states of awareness. I use art materials as a way to see what lies within, enabling you to access your inner wisdom beyond yourself and your ego and draw conclusions by deciphering your art together.

Some key features of Transpersonal Art Therapy that I work closely with are utilising the qualities of the mediums, speaking of, and to the art, using the art to create a metaphor for the journey, manipulating the art as a means of altering the story, and allowing the art to provide a vector or guidance for progressing.

Aside from you creating the art I also work with an array of integrated modalities or guided imagery such as visualization, sensory accessing, movement, self- manifestation, and drawing upon any archetypal symbols that may also arise in your artwork. Combining these modalities aids in many areas of personal development, and will assist you in stress reduction, anxiety, trauma, loss or separation anxiety, encouraging emotional and personal growth, and provide you with coping mechanisms. Art Therapy will give you a more relaxed disposition to enhance relationships with yourself and others. I provide a safe, non-judgemental environment and I promise you no previous art skills are necessary as Art Therapy is more about the process to reach the outcome. I firmly believe as an Art Therapist that you are best your own best healer, and I will guide you every step towards you achieving your desired results.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns, or for your loved ones. All conversations are respectfully maintained at the highest level of confidence. This is a safe place to just be yourself. Sessions normally run around one hour. I specialise in working with children, teens, youths, women, and group work.

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