Lucy Tote Mediterranean

Louise Farnay's eye-catching and unforgettable signature Lucy bags, name dafter one of her first staff members who sadly contracted dengi fever and left Singapore pretty immediately, have adorned the shoulders of thousands of loyal and loving customers since 2002 when Louise first began her journey. The good news is nearly every Lucy bag created to date has been a one-off custom colour coordinated bag, zipped in and zipped out by Louise herself to create the ideal bag personally suited to her customers needs and requests!  Zip in, zip out, choose the bag you want, for you and only you! Zippered interchangeable tote, reduce or enlarge, zip in, zip out to your hearts desire as seasonal palette trends change, reinvent and recreate, for you and only you!  Lengthen or shorten strap. Extra strips are available on request. A colour chart for you to choose from is coming soon!  30cm circumference x (H)30cm.