The Designer

Born into a family of generations of designers, from haute couture, to gilders, to jewelry designers of the crown jewels for the Royal families of England, creativity runs effortlessly through Louise Farnay’s veins.

Her ingenious, though simple handbag design concept is based on the fabulous, common zip.  Though, Louise’s bags are anything but common!  Eye-catching, highly distinguishable, and buttery soft to touch, her designs ooze a unique style, edge, luxury and sophisticated attitude.  Her head-turning bags with their innovative, interchangeable zipper concept enables the wearer the choice of zipping in or out optional strips of the bag, which changes the look, texture, colour and size, from season to season, trend to trend, to ones hearts desire!  Basically you are getting four or five bags in one!  Talk about practical!

Louise believes in only using superior products to make her bags stand out from the rest.  She uses soft Italian napa leathers, has designed quirky yet feminine LF branded lipstick sliders and personally sources all the fabrics and metal parts from around the world on her incessant travels.  Such uniqueness and attention to detail gives her bags their beautiful hand-made, eclectic quality.  Each handbag naturally evolves into becoming a work-of-art itself. 

We Make With Love and We Don’t Do Mass!

Louise’s tireless passion for her irresistible bags, combined with her desire for consistent change circulate globally from New Zealand to Dubai, Norway to Australia, and are sold in The Chicago Museum of Modern Art and Design, The Milwaukee Art Museum and The Art Gallery of Western Australia. They can also be found on the shoulders of the Princess of Brunei, and Mischa Barton to name a few. These broad avenues clearly reflect the extent of the possibilities and destinations of her designs.  Louise’s artistic creativity flows like liquid and extends to painting, makeup artistry, writing, illustration, body painting and sculpting, and has worked in these fields with Cirque Du Soleil, Sydney Olympics 2000, The Singapore Art Museum and has held ten solo painting exhibitions.  Her added abundance of energy, tireless lust-for-life, combined with her effervescent personality, quirky ways, effortlessly stylish dress-sense, global eclecticism, travel, and culture define her as one lady sure worth watching.