Customer Satisfaction

WAW!!!!!!  It is most gorgeouslicous-magnicious one....It is beautiful!!! I want it-I want it-I want it!

Lucilene Rehberg – Germany


I think your Zipper bags are Very original and trendy this season. I adore the Love buds collections too.

Sylvia Nugroho - Jakarta

I picked up the clutch today and it’s just what I wanted. You should make more as they will sell well.
Thanks - Sophia Nobel Singapore 2012 

I tell you my bag is very popular. Use it all the time when I go out for events and parties. I have a friend who would like to buy one also. Berit ~ Denmark 2011

I was walking past one of those stores in Central today that sell second-hand designer bags and saw this terribly ugly Gucci clutch thing with a price tag of about the same amount and just thought how much I'd rather have mine

Jane Cooper ~ Hong Kong 2012


Got many compliments on your bag last night while swankin' it up at OXO. Don't be surprised if you get more orders from London...xx

Adrienne Glad - London 2011


Oh, your new collection is fab

Zee King – LA 2010


As always, I love your bags, and I have worn the Louise Farnay necklace almost every day – I love it!

Corrie MacDonald – Tokyo 2010


Oh where do I start...The Lucy is a fave, however mega shag bag & the metalicious is sparking some enormous interest in me!

Jill Forsalind – Perth 2010


I would much rather have a SNATCH bag any day to a Gucci!

Kimlan Cook – Singapore 2007


My Louise Farnay handbags are the most awesome, versatile bags I own!!  Better than the other beautiful designer bags in my closet!  What makes them so great is they are made with the best Italian leather zipper panels in many different colors so you can create your own personal look. Just zip in or out to add or subtract your own personal color wave. It's fun, eye-catching and fashion forward. Louise Farnay has so much creative talent!!! 

Colleen Bradbury - Illinois  2012

Louise, you made me a fabulous 'LUCY' bag a while bag which is still going 

strong and I am looking to purchase a couple of new zippy sections for it.  Is this possible?  Thanks the strips arrived today – My bag looks even more gorgeously fab now!
Krissy Carrington - Australia

I was out last night with one of my Snatch bags and got a zillion compliments.

Margery Newman - NYC


I love you and your bags more than I love …(we can’t mention his name)

Jeannie Lim - HK

Just to inform you that I have collected the Shirley bag. It's gorgeous & super
And I love my new silver Love Bud bag cos it’s so pretty & unique!

Brenda Tung - Singapore