June 22, 2012

Hotter than ever - the UK Flag Bag

From the day I first designed, then sewed the initial Flag Bag in Singapore around eight years ago, until today, I am still receiving orders for them, one of my all time favorite bags.  I wore mine to its grave!  Whether it is the UK Flag Bag clutch, the US Flag Bag, the Swedish Flag Bag, or the Singaporean Flag Bag, they all ooze personal charm and a certain sentimental patriotism.   All handmade with total love and care, (UK Flag Bag - pictured here) I use silver cowhide, a vivid pillar box red leather, and offer a choice of black or dark brown for the strap and back body of the bag.  Regal blue velvet ribbons twist and loop through the eyelets down each side of the bag.  The signature zip and Louise Farnay lipstick slider literally holds the bag together and runs a full 30" down the front body through to the back of the bag.