September 26, 2014


Welcome to my site and thank you all for your loyal support for past twelve years of incredible evolution and achievements!  Wow, time flies when you are having fun traveling, sourcing and designing...and meeting like-minded ladies who love to adorn their bodes in objet d'art!
With my bags scattered all over the globe these days, I have heard some gorgeous stories of how my bags have traveled, funny incidents where they have been, got caught, got snatched, conversation pieces, and how they have generally united women who love beautiful things globally.   
Women have stopped one another all over the world, and in fairly peculiar places; from escalators in New York, to Regents Park in London, to ladies bathrooms (probably everywhere), dance floors in Sydney, Hong Kong's shopping malls, on the street in downtown Perth, restaurants in Singapore, the monorail in Bangkok, hair salons in Bali, and airport queues at Heathrow, to ask that same question, "I loooove your bag, where did you get your beautiful bag from?"  
Finally you will be able to make your purchases online while being in the luxury of your home.  
You are very welcome to make special requests so I can customise a bag for you to get exactly the bag or purse you have searched endlessly for and never found it.  I am a perfectionist and strive to see you are getting exactly what you most desire.  
So continue to spread the word around the world as we continue to travel so extensively.  Tell your friends, sisters, Mum, cousins, family, and colleagues as I know through my loyal customers whom I have become great friends with so many of you, that my bags are wanted and ladies are  desperately keen to get their hands on my collections.  So no more of the ''so hard to find'' problem!  Here we are! 
I will be updating regularly with promotions, gift offers and of course, the latest, hottest and most wanted bags, and other fabulous products I have designed! I will be adding a new column ''....and other gorgeous things I have sourced.''
For enquiries, please email or call + 852 5617 2113.
Stay close!  Happy shopping! 
June 22, 2012

Hotter than ever - the UK Flag Bag

From the day I first designed, then sewed the initial Flag Bag in Singapore around eight years ago, until today, I am still receiving orders for them, one of my all time favorite bags.  I wore mine to its grave!  Whether it is the UK Flag Bag clutch, the US Flag Bag, the Swedish Flag Bag, or the Singaporean Flag Bag, they all ooze personal charm and a certain sentimental patriotism.   All handmade with total love and care, (UK Flag Bag - pictured here) I use silver cowhide, a vivid pillar box red leather, and offer a choice of black or dark brown for the strap and back body of the bag.  Regal blue velvet ribbons twist and loop through the eyelets down each side of the bag.  The signature zip and Louise Farnay lipstick slider literally holds the bag together and runs a full 30" down the front body through to the back of the bag.